Reputable alternatives to Google

After the PRISM scandal a lot of people would like to use search engines that protect data better than Google does. Here are a few recommendations:
Both search engines were certified and awarded with the European privacy seal. The difference between them is that Ixquick makes use of the search results from a multitude of search engines whereas Startpage relies on the results from one search engine; both, without forwarding personal data.

Search engines serving the public good
Benefind donates 1 Cent to a charity of your choice for every second search.
Green search engines
It donates 80% of its income for protecting the rain forest.
The independent search engine is based on Google, but it compensates for the CO2 emission. Experts estimate that Google could be the world’s largest electricity consumer. Each Google query consumes as much electricity as it takes an energy-saving lamp to glow for an hour.

If you know other recommendable search engines, please add them as your comment!