Mr. Wowereit, don’t tear down this wall!

2012-2013 Berlin 023

2012-2013 Berlin 033

2012-2013 Berlin 026

10,000 Berliners and 1 David Hasselhoff protested against the plan of the Berlin government and investors to tear down parts of the wall along the famous east side gallery to make room for luxury buildings on the former death strip along the Spree river. The US would never consider dismounting a leg of the statue of liberty to make space for apartments with a nice water view. The east side gallery is our equivalent, a landmark of the 40+-year-long separation of the world into east and west. It is the only place where the wall can still be seen and understood in a stretch of 1,3 kilometers. We owe it to the victims of the death strip, to us and to future generations to preserve this unique memorial. Last year Berlin’s financial minister Ulrich Nußbaum decided that the east side gallery has no meaning for Berlin as a whole and therefore it does not need special protection. Mr. Nußbaum, it just has a meaning for the world…

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